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DNS Lookup API lets you check MX, NS, and other server records

A DNS lookup API call gives you a domain’s corresponding IP address from its A record as well as the domain’s mail server (MX record), nameserver (NS record), SPF (TXT record), and more records.

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Benefits of our DNS server API

  • Insightful

    Learn more about a domain’s owner from his available Domain Name System (DNS) information. Find the IP address, mail server, nameserver, and other DNS-related information of domains by letting DNS Lookup API gather A, mail exchanger (MX), NS, SPF/TXT, and other records.

  • Easy to use

    DNS Lookup API is a RESTful API that can be easily integrated into pre-existing systems and processes. We also provide multiple client libraries with code samples for all commonly-used programming languages to speed up integration.

Practical usage of DNS API calls for MX, NS, and other server records

Practical usage of DNS API calls for MX, NS, and other server records

DDoS attack prevention

Even more violent than spam is the dreaded DDoS attack, which is basically a security attack on your website from dozens or even hundreds of IP address simultaneously. If you suddenly notice an unusual amount of traffic, then you may want to conduct a DNS lookup and get to the root of it before it becomes a problem, especially if the traffic is originating from a group of similar IP addresses.

Anti-Spam solutions

Better manage spam attacks from a given web server or IP address. When spammers attack your site repeatedly, you can obtain the attackers’ IP addresses via a DNS lookup tool and more information about the DNS infrastructure in use.

Penetration testing

Pen testers and researchers can use DNS data to expand their knowledge of an organization’s online properties. From there, they can begin to understand the bigger picture and reduce potential attack surfaces.

Study your competition

DNS entries can help you determine the companies that your competitors are currently working with and might be relevant for you to approach as part of your business development efforts.

DNS Database Download

All the insights of our DNS checker API are available in our comprehensive passive DNS database

Our database contains information on billions of domains and subdomains, enabling you to gather all available historical DNS data points you may be interested in.

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DNS Lookup API | WhoisXML API

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