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DNS Lookup: Check All the DNS Records of a Specific Domain

Learn about the entire DNS infrastructure of a domain name, such as the IP address it resolves to and more than 50 DNS records, to get a complete picture.

1.2 billion+Domains and subdomains
142,703,533MX records updated daily
196,463,291NS records updated daily
99.5%IP addresses in use covered

What Is a DNS Lookup?

A DNS lookup is a means by which users can get access to the corresponding IP address and Domain Name System (DNS) records for any given domain name. Said lookups are useful to uncover a domain’s infrastructure and possible attack vectors.

What Is a DNS Lookup

Why Use DNS Lookup?

  • Easy to Use

    With just a domain name on hand, DNS Lookup lets users gather all connected records listed in a shareable report via a permanent URL, detailing DNS type/RRset, Time to Live (TTL), and relevant strings.

  • Comprehensive

    DNS Lookup reveals domain names’ many record types, including their A, MX, NS, Start of Authority (SOA), TXT, and dozens of others.

Practical usage

Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks and Other Threats

Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks and Other Threats

  • A DNS lookup can let you quickly check if all your records are correct or have been possibly changed without your knowledge, hence making you prone to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), email fraud, and other attacks.
  • Add context to a suspicious domain name and look for anomalies in its DNS records, including an IP address or an NS or MX record that has recently been flagged as malicious and recommended for blocking.

Improve Your Penetration Testing Efforts

  • Learn more about your network infrastructure and detect vulnerabilities that potential attackers can exploit.
  • Identify stale DNS records that may remain accessible in your network with DNS Lookup’s help and could serve as attack points unless taken down.
Improve Your Penetration Testing Efforts
Supplement Your Other Business Strategies

Supplement Your Other Business Strategies

DNS Database Download

Check Our Extensive Passive DNS Database

Our DNS database covers all the historical DNS connections between 2B+ hostnames and IP addresses. Downloads are available in MySQL and CSV files with proper parsing.

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DNS Lookup | Whois XML API

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