DNS records lookup products for MX, NS, SPF, etc. record | WhoisXML API

A complete DNS records lookup product line to check the NS, MX, SPF, A, SOA, TXT, etc. record of a domain

Our DNS lookup product line includes an API, lookup tool, and downloadable database to get immediate access to critical DNS server information for a given domain name (i.e., NS, MX, SPF, A, SOA, TXT, and more records).

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Our DNS records lookup products include:


Just take a domain name and get the Domain Name System (DNS) information to identify who is hosting a particular domain name or website.

DNS Lookup | WhoisXML API
DNS Lookup API | WhoisXML API


We also give access to our DNS intelligence with a RESTful API. Results are available in JSON or XML formats obtainable via HTTP requests. Our outputs are properly parsed to facilitate integration with other commercial platforms or internal applications.

DNS Database Download

Our DNS intelligence is also available in an all-inclusive database with 2+ billion hostnames for greater integration possibilities.

DNS Database Download | WhoisXML API

Why conduct a DNS lookup query for NS, MX, SPF, A, SOA, TXT, and more records with our product line:

  • Gather DNS intelligence in a way that works best for you and your organization. Lookups are straightforward with a shareable report, while our API and database are built for easy integration and custom use.

  • From a queried domain name, you can determine its IP address/A record, mail servers/MX records, nameservers/NS records, SPF/TXT records, and many other DNS records.

  • Map entire connected domain footprints by combining our DNS lookup services with reverse IP, reverse MX, and reverse NS queries.

DNS Lookup Services | WhoisXML API

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