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DNS Lookup: Easily Obtain a Domain’s DNS Records

Gather a domain name’s DNS records, including its available IP addresses, mail servers (MX), name servers (NS), and more. Test DNS Lookup now. Download our product sheet to learn more.

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What is a DNS lookup tool?

A DNS lookup tool is a means by which users can get access to the corresponding IP address and Domain Name System (DNS) records of any given domain name. Said lookups are useful to uncover a domain’s infrastructure and possible attack vectors.

What Is a DNS Lookup

Why check MX, NS, SPF, etc. records with our DNS lookup tool?

  • Easy to use

    With just a domain name on hand, a DNS lookup lets users gather all connected records listed in a shareable report via a permanent URL, detailing DNS type/RRset, time to live (TTL), and other relevant strings.

  • Comprehensive

    Our DNS lookup tool reveals domain names’ many record types, including A, mail exchanger (MX), nameserver (NS), Start of Authority (SOA), TXT, and dozens of others.

Protect networks from DDoS attacks and other threats

Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks and Other Threats

Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks and Other Threats

  • A DNS lookup can let you quickly check if all your records are correct or have been possibly changed without your knowledge, hence making you prone to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), email fraud, and other attacks.
  • Add context to a suspicious domain name and look for anomalies in its DNS records, including an IP address or an NS or MX record that has recently been flagged as malicious and recommended for blocking.

Improve penetration testing efforts

  • Learn more about your network infrastructure and detect vulnerabilities that potential attackers can exploit.
  • Identify stale DNS records that may remain accessible in your network with DNS Lookup’s help because these can serve as attack points if not taken down.
Improve penetration testing efforts
Supplement business and marketing strategies

Supplement business and marketing strategies

  • Review domains’ entire DNS infrastructure and digital footprint by combining DNS lookups with complementary tools such as Reverse IP/DNS Lookup, Reverse MX Lookup, Reverse NS Lookup, and WHOIS Lookup to build more comprehensive attacker profiles.
  • Assess whether DNS Lookup’s outputs meet your requirements for integration into internal or commercial applications via DNS Lookup API.
  • Study DNS entries as part of your company marketing intelligence efforts to identify the types of web services your business prospects are working with. This information can be helpful to reveal your competitors’ client base.
DNS Database Download

Check our extensive passive DNS database

Our DNS database covers billions of historical DNS connections between domains or subdomains and DNS records. Downloads are available as properly parsed CSV files.

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